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    Dental crown and bridge treatment in Gurgaon

    Maintenance of dental hygiene is extremely crucial and it also concerns taking good care of the appearance and appealing factor. Be sure to seek assistance from Claremont Smile Design Dental Clinic to have your teeth arranged and filled in properly to ensure that you look good and presentable. Availing our services will help you to enhance the beauty of the smile and make you feel more confident.

    We work with top Dentists in Gurgaon who perform the crown and bridge treatment to fill up the gaps between the teeth or fix the broken edges. Crowns and bridges are more permanent or long-lasting treatments for your broken and missing teeth.

    It gracefully fills in the gap and the implantation is painless and hassle-free. Here we shall discuss some more of the procedures and steps involved in crown treatment.

    What are the steps involved in conducting crown implantation followed by Claremont Smile Design Dental Clinic

    • Requirement for the crown treatment-

    Claremont Smile Design Dental Clinic, the best dental clinic in Gurgaon conducts the procedure of dental treatment to make sure that the broken or fractured teeth are protected from further injury. The crown acts as a layer of coating that covers the damaged portion of the teeth and prevents it from further breakage.

    When your teeth turn brittle and fragile, they are prone to cracking and require special care or a shielding surface over the enamel for damage protection. It restores or replaces the broken edges and provides you with a more appealing look in case of tooth discolouration.

    • The initial stage of the crowning procedure-

    Claremont Smile Design Dental Clinic, the best dental clinic in Gurgaon will perform the task of reshaping your teeth so that the cap or crown fits properly over the broken portion. The dental impression of your mouth will be taken which shall be used to prepare the crown or the cap for your tooth.

    The substances used in constructing the cap may be varied and depending on your budget to conduct the procedure, the item of quality shall be chosen. For example, certain alloys or other metals along with ceramic or porcelain may be used to prepare the cap.

    • Procedures During the bridge treatment –

    The best dentist in Gurgaon, namely Claremont Smile Design Dental Clinic studies the depth of the breakage and estimates the requirement of the caps. The imaging of the dental holes and breakages will be taken and sent off to the laboratory to design the cap of the required shape and structure. Either side of the teeth will be shaped to allow the crown to fit around the tooth.

    The reshaping of the teeth is required otherwise the expert might find it inconvenient to fix the cap on the surface of the teeth. Cement will be applied to allow your teeth to adhere tightly to the crown hollow. The cap enhances your beauty and protects you from further damage and cracks.

    When do you realise that you need a crown and bridge treatment –

    • Breakage without any symptoms- when you suddenly notice that your tooth is turning brittle and breaking around the edge, realise that you need treatment and crown implantation.
    • Sensitivity and sharp pain in the gums- when you suffer from tooth decay and the tooth needs to be removed, the gap needs to be filled up. Even when you feel sharp sensitivity and pain around the gum when there is the presence of high temperature or pressure, it is a clear indication that the teeth require crown treatment.

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    Crown treatment is a popular technique used to preserve dental health and ensure relief from pain and unbearable sensitivity. Our company performs the tests and conducts the crown treatment for the patients systematically.

    The affordability of the treatment is within a reasonable range for the patients and makes it easier for the individuals to opt for the procedure. Give our expert team a call today to learn more about our services.