dental implants Treatment in Gurgaon | before And after
dental implants Treatment in Gurgaon | before And after

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    Dental Implants made easier with the assistance of Claremont Smile Design Dental Clinic

    The importance of teeth cannot be ignored as they help us cut, break down and digest our food. They also add to the appearance of an individual. In light of this, it can be said that teeth add a functional and visible value to each individual’s life. But if you or someone you know has lost a tooth or even multiple teeth it may cause a lot of physical and mental problems for them. The best course of treatment in such cases is getting a dental implant done from a recognised and accomplished clinic like ours.

    What is a dental implant? A dental implant is a procedure that replaces a missing or broken tooth with an artificially functional one that closely resembles a real tooth. A dental implant can help provide a strong foundation for the roots of your broken tooth and add to the appearance of your face.

    In a dental implant, a dental root analogue composed of titanium is fixed inside an individual’s jaw bone. The material titanium is used because it is among the best biocompatible materials that are capable of forming an immediate bond with the bone inside. Once the implant is completed and fixed onto the adjacent bone then dentures or crown prostheses are attached on top of the implants to secure them in place.

    Our clinic has the best dentist in Gurgaon and provides dental implants using cutting edge new technology and with the assistance of experienced staff. Using experienced dentists is extremely important during dental implants as one wrong move can cause a patient irreparable damage, however, by availing a dental implant in Gurgaon from our clinic a patient is ensured a premium quality of services at the hands of our team of experts.

    The advantages of availing of a dental implant:

    • Improved speech:
    • A dental implant can help correct an individual’s teeth alignment setup as well as their jaw structure. This is important because when one needs to replace a tooth or multiple teeth using dentures, it can negatively impact their clarity while speaking. However, a tooth implant does not lead to any kind of blurred or slurred speech that is not recognisable. The tooth implant is guaranteed to never fall or slip thus never impacting your speech adversely.

    • The Appearance Factor:
    • A person’s esteem and confidence are often linked to their appearance and overall look. When someone has a missing tooth it can lead to a lot of mental trauma because of the anxiety and embarrassment that follows. However, getting a dental implant from a qualified clinic like ours can guarantee the replacement of your lost smile. Our clinic also provides such a service at an affordable rate thus helping common people avail of this service without blowing a hole in their purse.
    • Improved Oral Health:
    • Dental procedures performed by inexperienced dentists can cause an alteration in the natural alignment of one’s teeth. This can then subsequently cause problems while eating, chewing and issues like food getting stuck in between the teeth.

    When food particles are not easily removable from oral cavities it stays there, rots and causes an adverse implant one’s oral health and hygiene. This problem however does not arise in the case of a dental implant done by experienced dentists in our clinic as the new tooth is attached with diligence and care to ensure that further complications are prevented.

    The convenience of getting a dental implant is like none other as it is a permanent oral fixture. A patient will not experience any long term discomfort or subsequent issues if they get this procedure done from our team of experienced dentists in Gurgaon.

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