General & Preventive Dentistry In Gurgaon

Are you looking for the care and assistance of the Best Dental Clinic in Gurgaon? We, Claremont Smile Design Dental Clinic, is the best solution for all your problems. We are one of the most well-known dental clinics with all kinds of high-end amenities.

Our dentists are highly skilled and competent to deliver the best level of care and dental treatment. Our main objective is to provide our customers with an exceptional experience that provides a warm feeling, acknowledgment, and personalized service to make them feel relaxed while delivering dental care.

Which Types OfGeneral & Preventive Dentistry Services Offered by Claremont?

The various types of services that we offer at Claremont smile design dental clinic are as follows:

    • ● Oral Checkups on daily basis – Professional oral checkups almost after every 6 months help to keep you updated about your dental hygiene and allow us to identify as well as cure any dental problems in advance.
    • ● Infrastructure for restoration – Cavities, also known as dental caries, seem to be seriously damaged sectors of the mouth due to a variety of elements that are especially common among kids, teens, and aged people. Cavities if not dealt with promptly can cause serious harm to the overall parts of the teeth, resulting in infectious disease, toothache, and sometimes even gum disease.
    • ● Teeth Implantation – Whether you have only one tooth loss or numerous tooth loss, teeth implantation has proven to be an effective design and arrangement for tooth loss among various other alternative treatments. At Claremont Smile Design Dental Clinic, we conduct teeth implantation with great care.
    • ● No-Pain Tooth Extraction – Our expert dentists promise to deliver you no-pain tooth extraction. We even offer laser tooth alteration at our clinic at a very reasonable price. We support excellent dental care for deteriorated or damaged teeth.
    • ● No-Pain Root Canal Therapy – Based on the intensity of the infectious disease, root canal therapy may necessitate more than one visit to our clinic. If you wish to identify the level of deterioration, the very first move in this process is to investigate and consider taking an x-ray. Also, our professional dentist will carry out the root canal therapy with utmost care and you will feel no pain.
    • ● Cosmetic dental care – Every individual deserves a beautiful smile. So, if you also wish to have such an amazing smile then you must visit our Claremont smile design dental clinic.
    • ● Bridges and Crowns – Crowns play a significant role in reinforcing damaged teeth, enabling those teeth to keep functioning yet again. Crown made from Porcelain, such as Zirconia crowns, seem to be completely indistinguishable from our tooth structure.
    • ● Children’s Dental care – Children’s dental care is a subcategory of dental care that engages with dental problems in kids to teens.
  • ● Cleaning and Leveling – Plaque, tartar, and such tooth decaying diseases can cause gum inflammation and swelling, leading to pain, reddening, and gum bleeding. Gum disease treatment options include leveling as well as cleaning, which also includes a quick cleaning of the oral cavity. This is an approved remedy for the initial phases of tooth decay in several case scenarios. Our clinic is also known for providing the best teeth cleaning services in Gurgaon.

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In a nutshell, we deliver all the above-mentioned services to our patients. Our services are 100% authentic and are provided by professional dentists. We are implementing high standards to keep healthy communication due to Covid-19.

Our service charges, beginning from oral checkups to teeth cleaning prices in Gurgaon, are all affordable. We receive all kinds of contactless payments and offer EMI plans. We look forward to our patient’s health and well-being.