Braces and Invisalign Treatment in Gurgaon
Braces and Invisalign Treatment in Gurgaon
Braces and Invisalign Treatment in Gurgaon
Braces and Invisalign Treatment in Gurgaon
Braces and Invisalign Treatment in Gurgaon

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    Need for brace treatment and why you should visit

    Sometimes we prefer to have braces incorporated around our teeth to align them properly. Individuals who observe gaps between the teeth or irregular settings can choose to visit an orthodontist to get the problems fixed. This is where the services of Claremont Smile Design Dental Clinic can be effectively utilized.

    Invisible brace treatments in Gurgaon are arranged by our expert team as a part of cosmetic treatment where you shall not have unwanted braces around your teeth. The invisible braces solve the problem of having to look unappealing in front of the camera.

    What are the processes involved in brace treatment follow by our company

    • Procedures before getting braces-

    Our highly experienced orthodontists will have to check the arrangement of teeth and perform an X-ray of the teeth structure to estimate the process and ways to set the teeth in order. Another cosmetic examination is conducted followed by reviewing the results. Then the expert shall discuss the process with you and give you consultation for the same. The discussion of the possibility of having braces and how much effective it shall prove to be should be done beforehand to avoid inconvenience

    • Procedure during applying braces-

    Our expert will use a cheek retractor to watch the arrangement of the teeth and how to keep them dry during the time of the process. They will then polish the teeth properly to help the braces anchor to the surface tightly. If the following steps are performed correctly, the application of braces may be ineffective.

    A substance called the conditioner is used to make the teeth further ready to anchor to the braces. This gel is applied on the front surface for adequate anchorage. The gel is washed after thirty seconds and then an adhesive primer is applied to aid the bonding process.

    All the steps need to be followed to ensure proper attachment of braces to your teeth. The best orthodontist in Gurgaon shall conduct all these procedures for applying the braces.

    • Final step-

    As a penultimate step, the braces are coated with cement at the back surface before they are finally positioned on the determined spot on the teeth. The excess cement is removed once the braces are fixed on the surface and high-intensity light is used to step them on the surface of the teeth tightly.

    Placing the archwires and completing the process might take something around thirty minutes for the brace treatment in Gurgaon. The time duration of the procedure may vary depending upon the presence of complications and complexities of teeth positions

    • Soreness around the teeth-

    When you are applying braces for the first time, it may be a little challenging for some of you. The teeth shall feel numb and the gum will show signs of soreness for four to six hours.

    The tightness around the teeth shall be experienced because the archwires have started their duty to fill the gaps and pull the teeth closer to each other. The pain shall pertain for four to six days and you can opt for medication like over-the-counter pills to relieve the pain and soreness around your gum.

    • When should you see the expert again-

    It is necessary to visit the doctor regularly and on appointed checkup dates to adjust the wires around the braces. It happens so that the wires are elastic and weakens their grip over time. Hence you must go to your orthodontist to fix and readjust them again.

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    You should take proper care of your teeth while the braces are on because food particles might often get stuck in the braces and this may lead to poor dental health conditions. Carry a brush around so that whenever you eat, you can brush off the food particles easily. Seek direct assistance from our dental experts to learn more.