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The painless ways to conduct root canal and other dental treatments - Claremont smile design dental clinic is here to help!

It is essential to get your dental health checked from time to time from the expert Claremont smile design team. Our dentists make sure that you can maintain proper dental hygiene and prevent tooth decay. It is painful when our teeth rot and the process of uprooting them from the gums is costly.

However, sometimes other factors contribute to tooth rot and decay. In that case, the best dental clinic in Gurgaon namely Claremont smile design dental clinic enables the patients to conduct root canal procedures to cure dental problems and secure a healthy oral cavity. Here we shall study tool canals and benefits for opting for the procedure.

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    What do you mean by root canal?

    The best dental clinic in Gurgaon conducts root canal surgeries for patients suffering from tooth decay. It is a form of endodontic treatment which enables the dentist to view the anatomy of the tooth and decide the depth of rot.

    When the pulp inside the tooth becomes infected or suffers damage due to a certain disease, it becomes crucial to undergo the process of the root canal.  The pulp may also show signs of inflammation where it needs to be treated immediately. The pain or inflammation may be the outcome of a certain crack in the enamel or repeated dental treatment.

    Claremont smile design dental clinic, the best root canal treatment clinic offers a painless and affordable cure for the pulp infection and restores the tooth to its normal condition. You should treat the pulp infection immediately as neglecting the health of your dental cavity may lead to severe pain or abscess.

    How shall we detect that a root canal is required?

    Once you visit our dental healthcare expert, the expert dentist will get the necessary check-ups done and let you know whether a root canal treatment is required or not. However, you can spot the need for a root canal and when to visit the doctor by noticing the following symptoms and signs.

    • Pain and ache in the teeth- When you face severe aches and sharp sensitivity while eating or when you drink cold beverages.
    • Pimples and boils in the gum- The presence of pimples on the gum and small boils are signs of pulp infection.
    • Cracks in the teeth- A breakage in the tooth or some cracks. The broken edges and brittle teeth may be prominent signs of pulp inflammation and require a root canal.
    • Feeling of sensitivity- Sharp sensitivity in the gum when you consume very hot food or cold drinks. The sensation may linger even while you have removed the food substance.
    • Swelling in the gum- Swollen gums and redness in the root and gum will indicate that you need to visit the dentist to get your dental health checked. This may be a major sign of the requirement for a root canal.
    • Decaying of the gum- Rotting of gum and blackened spots and regions in the gum is another sign of damage to the pulp which requires immediate attention.

    How does the process of root canal save one’s teeth? 

    Our dentists check the damage to the tooth and remove the pulp from the interior of the tooth. They scoop out the content and reshape the cavity of the tooth. The space is filled and carefully sealed to avoid decay and infection. The patient revisits the dental care expert to check the progress of the healing process afterwards.

    Modern techniques have enabled dental experts to conduct the process of a root canal without any pain. The usage of anaesthetics helps the doctors to perform the procedure swiftly for the patient without causing any pain. The process of a root canal is affordable for the patients to accommodate the procedure.

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